Release History

Version Date Description
1.0b2 2005-05-05
1.0b1 2004-10-17
0.6 2003-10-31
0.5 2003-8-4
0.4 2003-6-18
0.3 2003-2-21
0.2 2003-2-1
0.1 2003-1-30

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Release 1.0b2 - 2005-05-05

Type Changes By
update Better error handling in BDDIterator. joewhaley
update More small performance improvements for the Java version. joewhaley
add Added ability to register callbacks for various events. joewhaley
add Added support for dynamically growing domains. joewhaley
add Added support for running JavaBDD under restricted permissions; e.g. as an applet. joewhaley
fix Fixed a bug involving finalizers. joewhaley
fix Fixed a bug involving reset() and done(). joewhaley
fix Fixed a bug involving reordering in the Java implementation. joewhaley

Release 1.0b1 - 2004-10-17

Type Changes By
update Many, many new features and enhancements. joewhaley
update Performance for the Java version has been greatly improved, by 2x or so. joewhaley
update Many new performance improvements for the native BuDDy library. Even if you are not using JavaBDD but are just using the BuDDy library with C or C++, you can use the included to take advantage of these performance improvements. joewhaley

Release 0.6 - 2003-10-31

Type Changes By
fix Fixed security problems by adding better null and type checking. It should no longer be possible to crash the VM by passing in unexpected values. joewhaley
update Updated API: applyWith(), etc. methods return the 'this' pointer, for easier nested operations. joewhaley
add Addition of typed BDD factory, for type checking of BDD code. joewhaley
update Code cleanups. JNI interface was made a few percent faster by moving object allocations into Java code. joewhaley

Release 0.5 - 2003-8-4

Type Changes By
add Major update. Added a 100% Java implementation of the BDD factory, so the native library is no longer necessary. joewhaley
add Java implementation of variable domains. Domains can be up to 2^64 in size! joewhaley
add Java implementation of bit vectors, along with the associated operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.) joewhaley
fix Fixes and extensions to the CUDD interface. Now CUDD can run all of the test cases correctly. joewhaley
update More small refinements to the API. joewhaley

Release 0.4 - 2003-6-18

Type Changes By
add Added an interface to the CUDD library. Only basic operations have been implemented and tested. Many features (like variable domains) have not been implemented/ported yet. joewhaley
update Improved the support for printing of BDDs. Now you can specify an interface that will convert the domain indices/members into meaningful strings. joewhaley
update Some small updates to the API. Notably, scanSet() now takes a BDDDomain object, rather than a domain number. joewhaley

Release 0.3 - 2003-2-21

Type Changes By
fix Many bugs fixed. joewhaley
update Most functionality has been tested, so this version should be moreorless stable and useable. joewhaley

Release 0.2 - 2003-2-1

Type Changes By
update Still largely untested. Proceed at your own risk. joewhaley
add Added support for variable domains. joewhaley
add Added support for variable pairings. joewhaley
add Added support for defining variable orderings. joewhaley
fix Fixed some LinkageError exceptions. joewhaley

Release 0.1 - 2003-1-30

Type Changes By
add Initial release. Largely untested. joewhaley