Package net.sf.javabdd

Class Summary
BDD Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) are used for efficient computation of many common problems.
BDD.AllSatIterator Iterator that returns all satisfying assignments as byte arrays.
BDD.BDDIterator BDDIterator is used to iterate through the satisfying assignments of a BDD.
BDD.BDDToString BDDToString is used to specify the printing behavior of BDDs with domains.
BDDBitVector Bit vector implementation for BDDs.
BDDDomain Represents a domain of BDD variables.
BDDFactory Interface for the creation and manipulation of BDDs.
BDDFactory.BDDOp Enumeration class for binary operations on BDDs.
BDDFactory.CacheStats Stores statistics about the operator cache.
BDDFactory.GCStats Stores statistics about garbage collections.
BDDFactory.LoadHash LoadHash is used to hash during loading.
BDDFactory.ReorderMethod Enumeration class for method reordering techniques.
BDDFactory.ReorderStats Stores statistics about reordering.
BDDFactoryIntImpl A shared superclass for BDD factories that refer to BDDs as ints.
BDDPairing Encodes a table of variable pairs.
BDDVarSet Some BDD methods, namely exist(), forall(), unique(), relprod(), applyAll(), applyEx(), applyUni(), and satCount() take a BDDVarSet argument.
BDDVarSet.DefaultImpl Default implementation of BDDVarSet based on BDDs.
BitString BitString implements a vector of bits much like java.util.BitSet, except that this implementation actually works.
BitString.BitStringIterator Abstract bit string iterator class.
BuDDyFactory An implementation of BDDFactory that relies on the BuDDy library through a native interface.
CALFactory An implementation of BDDFactory that relies on the CAL library through a native interface.
CUDDFactory An implementation of BDDFactory that relies on the CUDD library through a native interface.
FindBestOrder FindBestOrder
JDDFactory JDDFactory
JFactory This is a 100% Java implementation of the BDD factory.
MicroFactory BDD factory where each node only takes 16 bytes.
TestBDDFactory This BDD factory is used to test other BDD factories.
TryVarOrder TryVarOrder
TypedBDDFactory This BDD factory keeps track of what domains each BDD uses, and complains if you try to do an operation where the domains do not match.
UberMicroFactory BDD factory where each node only takes 16 bytes.

Exception Summary
BDDException An exception caused by an invalid BDD operation.

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